Sunday, March 22, 2015

MoMoTLV March Event: IoT and Big Data Analytics

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We're glad to invite you to a MoMoTLV special event on IoT - Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics and the connection between the two. We'll have a very senior executive from Amdocs flying over from the US - as well as great presentations from startups in that field.

When: Monday, Mar.23 @ 18:30
Where: Dublin Irish Pub, Shenkar 4, Herzliya
What: IoT and Big Data Analytics
Price: Free, register at Meetup

Special Guest: We'll have a very special guest this time: Mario Tapia, Founder of MobileMonday Silicon Valley! Mario is visiting Israel and he's a great contact to know at the valley.

You can find the detailed agenda of the event and RSVP to it here

Saturday, February 14, 2015

MoMoTLV February: Augmented Reality

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We're glad to invite you to our firts event of 2015 - which will be hosted at one of our favorite places - the Dublin Irish Pub in Herzliya. And this time we will discuss one of the rising subjects at the mobile and wearable ecosystem - augmented reality - and we have some great speakers:

When: Monday, Feb.16 @ 18:30
Where: Dublin Irish Pub, Shenkar 4, Herzliya
What: Mobile Augmented Reality
Price: Free, register at Meetup

We'll have there great speakers including Asaf Tzadok from the Cognitive Vision and Interaction Group at IBM Research, as well as several startups sharing their view of the current state of Augmented Reality.

See the full agenda and RSVP here

Monday, November 10, 2014

Israel Tech Week - Mobile Monetization Summit, CodeMotion and more great events this December!

In a few weeks we will have several great events all packed in one week - whether you're a hands-on developer or a business development executive - there's something for you!

CodeMotion Tel Aviv (Nov.30-Dec.1)

In Nov.30-Dec.1 the first ever CodeMotion Tel Aviv will be held. CodeMotion is one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe and was held before in Rome, Berlin, Madrid and Milan. And now coming to Tel Aviv for 2-days of great tech talks!

CodeMotion is targeted for developers of all platforms, and it includes mostly technical sessions. It is not only about mobile and includes talks about all programming languages in all platforms. Among the topics: Android, iOS, HTML5, Angular, Cloud, Security, Java, Scala and more.

Details and registration at:

Mobile Monetization Summit (Dec.2)

The Mobile Monetization Summit is a special edition of the Israel Mobile Summit focusing on how developers can monetize their apps. The summit is a full day event packed with sessions from top speakers, panels about the hot topics in mobile monetization, an innovation showcase and contest of the hottest Israeli mobile startups and of course a lot of networking opportunities!

We have great speakers there including Carsten Van-Husen, CEO of Gameforge and Rajat Gupta, Head of User Acquisition at LINE corp - as well as speakers from Google, PayPal, Startapp, Smaato and many more!

Details and registration at:

Other Events

In addition we'll have a MobileMonday event on Dec.1 (The day before the Summit), and another great conference that week is the GameIS Annual Conference which is a great event for game developers.

See here a list of all events - and see you at Israel Tech Week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MoMoTLV October: Mobile Games Utopia?

We're glad to invite you to our October event, and this time and towards the Mobile Monetization Summit, we'll discuss the top revenue generating app category - mobile games. We'll hear from the CEO of Elex, one of the leading games companies in China, as well as from local game developers and publishers.

When: Monday, Oct.20 @ 18:30
Where: ironSource, Lilinblum 28, Tel Aviv
What: Mobile Games Utopia?
Price: Free, register at Meetup

The event will be held at ironSource in their new event space - the beers are waiting for you in their fridge!


Binsen Tang, CEO of Beijing Elex Tech - How to master the Dragon? - The Chinese market is about to surpass the US market as the largest mobile market in world. The opportunity is big but the rules of the game are very different. Who are the dominant players in the market and how do we translate this massive opportunity into successful business?

Niv Touboul, Head of Games at ironSource, Founder of Upopa Games - What we've learned so far, and how it is shaping the future of mobile gaming - Niv's session will explore How to create the right balance based on your game's ARPU, The ethical way to hunt whales, Is gaming just gambling in disguise and why the top grossing games are actually all the same..

Doron Kagan, Founder, Deemedya - The Evolution of Games Monetization tools - In few years the games industry changed dramatically form paid model to sophisticated Free to play model that dominates the games space. How did our flag brand "Trial Xtreme" evolved through the changes and why Trial Xtreme 4 will be the best in series.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

MoMoTLV September: Inside the booming Israel AdTech Industry

We're glad to invite you to an exciting event that will share some inside stories from one of the most influntial Israeli industries. The event is in light of the recent wave of acquisitions and IPOs in the Israeli adtech ecosystem.

When: Monday, Sep.15 @ 19:30
Where: Wix Rooftop, Hanamal 40, Beit Yoel
What: Inside the booming Israeli AdTech industry
Price: Free, register at Meetup

The event will feature companies who got acquired, acquired other companies or went public in the last year or so - and we'll hear what are the dynamics of such moves, considerations of grow in house vs. acquire, how is the price set? And much more.

The event will be held in one of our favorite venues - the rooftop of Wix at the Tel Aviv harbor! Their beer fridge is waiting for you!

Speakers include:

- Gilad Hellerman, CEO & Co-Founder, Ajillion (Acquired by CrossRider)
- Omer Kaplan, deputy CEO, IronSource (Acquired Upopa recently)
- Adam Goodvach, Perion, Director, Corporate development and Strategy, Perion (They acquired GrowMobile, a US company)
- Niv Touboul, CEO & Co-Founder, Upopa (Acquired by IronSource)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

MoMoTLV August Event: Intelligent Personal Assistants

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We're delighted to invite you to our August event and this time we explore the field of voice activated intelligent personal assistant apps - and what are the opportunities for app developers to integrate and tap into these technologies.

When: Monday, Aug.11 @ 18:30
Where: Microsoft R&D Center Herzliya, Shenkar 13
What: Intelligent Personal Assistants
Price: Free, register at Meetup

We'll hear from the team who developed Cortana, Microsoft's new Intelligent PA and also hear from several entrepreneurs in this space about challenges and use cases such as in-car usage, integration with other apps etc.

We also have a special session by Ron Gura, Co-Founder of The Gifts Project (Acquired by eBay) and now Head of eBay Israel Innovation Center.

* Shira Weinberg, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
* Ron Gura, Co-Founder, The Gifts Project (Acquired by eBay)
* Ben Enosh, Co-Founder, Robin Labs
* Gal Melamed, Co-Founder, Wonder Voice
* Danny Weisberg, Co-Founder, Voiceitt

The event will be held in Hebrew.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

MoMoTLV July event: Mobile Financial Services FinTech Pitch Night

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We're glad to invite you to our first ever event on FinTech (it's about time..), with a special focus on mobile financial services - we will have top notch FinTech startups pitching, as well as big financial players sharing their view on this booming market, that is ripe for disruptive apps.

When: *Wednesday*, July 2nd @ 18:30
Where: Dublin Irish Pub, Herzliya (map)
What: FinTech/Mobile Financial Services
Price: Free, register at Meetup

The event will start with some leaders from the FinTech/MFS industry, including Avi Zeevi, Co-Founder of Carmel Ventures, and sessions from Amdocs and Bank Leumi - and will continue with pitches from several promising startups from the FinTech/MFS field.

NOTE: The event is on *Wednesday* (Due to the world cup games...)

- Avi Zeevi, Co-Founder & General Partner, Carmel Ventures
- Tovit Yair, Head of Financial Services. Vice President & Customer Business Executive, EMEA at Amdocs
- Dorel Blitz, Innovation Manager, Strategy Division, Bank Leumi

Startups Pitching:
• Ori Faran, Co-Founder, CallVU
• Ariel Attias, CEO, Athena Portfolio Solutions
• Tal Grinberg, Co-Founder, PayBox
• Alicia Roisman-Ismach, Co-Founder, Seergate
• Tal Brockmann, Co-Founder, Finnovest

The event is kindly sponsored by Amdocs