Sunday, April 29, 2018

Israel Mobile Summit 2018

We're glad to announce the Israel Mobile Summit 2018 - the biggest mobile apps, games and adtech ecosystem event in Israel and one of the biggest in EMEA!

The event will be held in June.5 in Tel Aviv, with a MobileMonday event in the evening before (exact details to be published soon). We have great speakers there from the leading apps companies in Israel and around the world. Among the rest:

* Sean Lee, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Wargaming
* Manish Agarwal, CEO, Nazara Games
* Sagi Schlisser, CEO & Founder, TabTale
* Lior Kodner, Chief Digital Officer, Haaretz
* Izhar Shay, General Partner, Canaan
* Daniel Cohen, General Partner, Viola Ventures
* Sivan Enden, Strategic Partner Manager, Google
* Founders of Nexar, Via, Anydo, Tacticsoft, Kidoz, Shanga Apps & more

Panels include talks about growth, monetization, investments, programmatic, ad fraud, GDPR and many more fascinating talks.

See all the details and registration here -

(A promo code was sent to all members of the MoMoTLV meetup group, and will be sent periodically, join to get it!)

Friday, June 2, 2017

MoMoTLV June: IMSummit opening night!

The official badge pick-up event for:

We're glad to announce our very festive meetup for June, this time we are having the opening night for the Israel Mobile Summit which will happen the day after, which means that we expect a lot of guests from out of town to be there!

When: Monday, June.5 @ 18:00
Where: EAST Tel Aviv
What: IMSummit opening & badge pick-up
Price: Free *for IMS2017 attendees*- RSVP required here

Note that due to limited places, only Israel Mobile Summit ticket holders will be admitted, you're welcome to get your ticket here and join us! If you do have a ticket, you can collect your badge for the Summit at the MoMoTLV event and skip the queue in the next morning!

You can see more details on the event here

Thursday, March 23, 2017

MoMoTLV March Event: Bots on the Roof

Sponsored by:

After a long break we're glad to invite you to our March meetup, this time in cooperation with other communities Chatbots World and Codemotion Tel Aviv!

When: *Wedensday*, March.29 @ 18:30
Where: Lool Ventures, Tushiya 2 Tel Aviv
What: Bots on the Roof!
Price: Free but RSVP required here

We're going to have there great sessions about the developing world of Bots with speakers bringing you the cutting edge knowledge in the field. And also we'll have pizzas and beers...

To see all details and RSVP:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

MoMoTLV December Event: MMSummit cocktail hour!

The official badge pick-up event for:

After a long holidays break, MobileMonday is back in town! And this time we are gathering in the evening before the Mobile Monetization Summit 2016 - we will have there many international guests and speakers!

When: Monday, December.5 @ 18:00
Where: Totseret HaArets (Totseret HaArets 13, Tel Aviv)
What: MMSummit Cocktail hour
Price: Free for MMSummit ticket holders, RSVP required here

Note that due to limited places, only MMSummit ticket holders will be admitted, you're welcome to get your ticket here and join us! If you do have a ticket, you can collect your badge for the Summit at the MoMoTLV event and skip the queue in the next morning!

The exact agenda and other details will be published soon in the event site!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

MoMoTLV September Event: Monetization and Data-driven Growth

Hosted by:

After a long summer break we're glad to be back with a special event, this time we'll talk on Driving value from data for Moentization and Growth and we'll be touching on a lot of subjects we'll hear about at the upcoming Mobile Monetization Summit, such as Monetization, User Acquisition, Data/Analytics etc.

When: Monday, September.26 @ 18:00
Where: Matomy Offices
What: Monetization & Data-driven growth
Price: Free, RSVP required here

We have greta speakers including:
* Leonard Frankel, VP Business Development, Plarium
* Ohad Barzilay, Producer, SideKick Games
* Gil Klein, EVP Media, Matomy
* Yonatan Erez, CEO & Co-Founder, Ilyon Dynamics
* Hemi Weingarten, CEO & Founder, Fooducate
* Kfir Moyal, Chiarman, AdClarity
* Maor Ezer, Co-Founder & CEO,

See all other details and register at the event's meetup page

Thursday, May 26, 2016

MoMoTLV June: DECODE Tel Aviv

After a long spring break and many holidays, we're glad to be back, and we have in store a super special event for you! We will be hosting App Annie's DECODE as the opening event for our annual conference, the Israel Mobile Summit 2016, So we expect it to be a super-big MobileMonday!

To attend the event you also must have a valid badge to the Israel Mobile Summit, in case you haven't got yours yet, secure your ticket today and register here for the Summit

When: Monday, June.13 @ 18:00
Where: EAST Tel Aviv
What: DECODE Tel Aviv
Price: Free *for IMS2016 attendees *- RSVP required here

More about DECODE: DECODE is a series of global events that has toured across the globe and brought insights from app professionals from top brands on strategy, user acquisition, monetization and more. Coming the first time to Tel Aviv it will be hosted with MoMoTLV!

More details and registration here

Sunday, February 21, 2016

MoMoTLV March Event: Accelerating your Startup

Sponsored by:

We're glad to invite you to our March event and this time a special event on startups acceleration taking place on a *Wednesday*...

When: *Wednesday*, March.2 @ 18:30
Where: Bascula, Harakevet 72, Tel Aviv
What: Startup Acceleration
Price: Free, RSVP required here

This event will explore the ways in which startups can accelerate their progress - we'll hear from investors, incubators, accelerators and more. IBM will also announce its new class of AlphaZone - and all will be held at a very special venue - the "Bascula" in Tel Aviv - Join us for drinks and interesting sessions! 

More details and registration at the event's Bizzabo page