Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mobile Peer Awards - Open for the first time to Israeli startups!

As announced yesterday in our mobile UI event (thanks all for coming was great seeing you again, pictures here), this year for the first time, Israeli startups can take part in the influential Mobile Peer Awards contest, which will be held in Barcelona on Feb.16, 2009 (First day of 3GSM or in its new name: Mobile World Congress).

The contest is organized by MobileMonday Barcelona in collaboration with the entire MobileMonday community. Each MoMo chapter nominates one startup to send to the competition, and after further review by an international jury, 20 lucky startups get to go to the contest and give a 3-minutes pitch of their product, and hopefully win one of the awards (Jury Award, Audience Award, MoMo Award).

Since MoMoTLV was launched earlier this year, this is the first time Israeli startups can actually participate in this event. Any startup can apply, whether you are in the seed stage with no clients or an emerging startup with big sales - however, you must have at least a live working demo to show (i.e. not concepts on napkins...).

To apply, your first step is to go to http://www.mobilepeerawards.com/ and sign-up, indicating MoMoTLV as your home chapter. Then submit info, a presentation and a video about your company/product. All this must be done by Nov. 30 - if you're not in by then, you're out...

Important note: It seems that the peer awards site has some browser compatibility issues, for example you will not be able to register your startup with Internet Explorer 6 (and possibly also IE7) as you will not see a submit button in the registration form, so please use other browsers (Firefox 2.x also works fine).

We will hold an event on December 15, 2008 in which we will select the startup that MoMoTLV sends to the contest. But again, if you don't register by Nov.30 you cannot participate, and we can not help you in any way, as the registration system is not handled by us. We will announce more event details as they become available. If you would like to sponsor this event, please contact ofir dot leitner at gmail dot com.

Questions about the competition should be sent via the Mobile Peer Awards thread in our discussion board. See you on Dec.15!

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