Tuesday, February 17, 2009

fring wins MobileMonday community award!

At the Mobile Peer Awards event held yesterday at Barcelona, MoMoTLV's finalist, fring, won the MobileMonday community award in the emerging startups category!

The community award is decided upon by a vote of the dozens of MobileMonday chapters present at the event, and this means that fring got the most votes from chapter organizers worldwide.

Other awards given at the emerging startups category were the jury award which was given to PopCatcher from Sweden and the audience award which was given to Unkasoft Advergaming from Madrid.

In the early stage category, Babajob from Bangalore took both the jury and community awards, and Orbster from Munich took the audience awards.

In the picture: Ofir Leitner, founder of MoMoTLV gives the award to Neal Fullman, International Communications Director at fring.