Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MWC 2011: Getting ready

Mobile world congress is less than a week. I have gathered some tips that will help you enjoy the week and not get lost:

Events and parties:
In addition to the congress itself, there are allot of events inside the congress, which are relevant for both developers and business opportunities.
After congress hours there will be many networking events and parties, which most are free entrance but you need to register in advance.
For events and party list click here (Blond Mobile blog)

Events application
To easy things up, Ofir made an great app with the list of events. The app does not use data, so you save on roaming charges. Get the app for Java and Android here. If you do not have a handset that supports java or android, there also a mobile web version there (web version uses data)
Since that apps don’t use data to save on roaming charges events may be added, so I recommend checking if there is a new version on Sunday Feb 13th.

Eating at the congress.
Food is very expensive inside the congress and in restaurants near the congress. You will usually get low quality food which is expense. but no worries, usually the events within the congress have refreshment, cava and in the case of the Scottish events also whiskey.
At the evening you can have a great tapas dinner that Barcelona has to offer

Security issues
The time of the congress is the party time for the thieves. Make sure to leave all your valuables in the hotel, and to be aware of your wallet or laptop especially in the metro.

Roaming and data usage.
In the congress you will not find free wifi (unless you have a press pass and then you will have wifi in the press room)
There are several sim cards that you can buy with pre- paid data and a local number so you can save on incoming calls.
For more info check out this post from wip
(Personally I use JAJAH to get a call back to a local number)

Women in the congress:
Yes, its fun being a woman in the telco world that have allot of men. We have 2 of our own events:
The Ladies only lunch and the Women in Mobile Data Association get together (Feb 15, 15:00, stand B101 in Hall 8 MWC)
Make sure to come and say hi

More info
Need to info? Drop a question on the MWC group on FB.