Monday, January 7, 2013

New MoMo chapter: MobileMonday Nazareth

With great excitement we are proud to welcome a new MoMo chapter to the MobileMonday family:

MobileMonday Nazareth (MoMoNaz)

MoMoNaz is the first MoMo chapter in Israel outside the Tel Aviv area, and it works with the full cooperation and support of MoMoTLV. The first meetup of MoMoNaz will be next week on Monday, Jan.14, and the MoMoTLV team will be there, so you're all welcome to join us as well! (RSVP here).

To get notifications on MoMoNaz events - join the MoMoNaz meetup group, and you're also welcome to follow MoMoNaz on Facebook

Those of you who don't know, MobileMonday is a network of over 100 chapters all across the globe, and we are glad that MoMo footprint in Israel has grown with the addition of MoMoNaz. We wish the MoMoNaz organizers best of luck, and looking forward for the event next week!