Thursday, September 11, 2014

MoMoTLV September: Inside the booming Israel AdTech Industry

We're glad to invite you to an exciting event that will share some inside stories from one of the most influntial Israeli industries. The event is in light of the recent wave of acquisitions and IPOs in the Israeli adtech ecosystem.

When: Monday, Sep.15 @ 19:30
Where: Wix Rooftop, Hanamal 40, Beit Yoel
What: Inside the booming Israeli AdTech industry
Price: Free, register at Meetup

The event will feature companies who got acquired, acquired other companies or went public in the last year or so - and we'll hear what are the dynamics of such moves, considerations of grow in house vs. acquire, how is the price set? And much more.

The event will be held in one of our favorite venues - the rooftop of Wix at the Tel Aviv harbor! Their beer fridge is waiting for you!

Speakers include:

- Gilad Hellerman, CEO & Co-Founder, Ajillion (Acquired by CrossRider)
- Omer Kaplan, deputy CEO, IronSource (Acquired Upopa recently)
- Adam Goodvach, Perion, Director, Corporate development and Strategy, Perion (They acquired GrowMobile, a US company)
- Niv Touboul, CEO & Co-Founder, Upopa (Acquired by IronSource)


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