Thursday, May 14, 2015

MoMoTLV May Event: Cognitive Computing in Mobile Apps

Sponsored by:

We are delighted to invite you to a very special event - You probably heard of Watson, the artificial intelligence super-computer from IBM who was recently known for being used in hospital surgeries as well as for inventing sophisticated food recipes!

When: Monday, May.18 @ 18:30
Where: Dublin Irish Pub Herzliya
What: Cognitive Computing in Mobile Apps
Price: Free, register at Meetup

This is your chance to hear from some of the brightest people working on cognitive computing, and see how you can harness this power for your mobile apps, all by using IBM Bluemix Cloud development platform!

Speakers include:
* Alexandre Flamante, WW Business Development Manager, IBM Watson Ecosystem
* Ronen Siman-Tov, Innovation Center Manager, IBM
* Omri Sigelman, Co-founder and CMO, Nuro
* Dr. Yves Bitton, President & Itamar Bitton, CEO, CTO, Doctome

You can find the details Agenda in the meetup event page

During the Meetup, IBM will announce two major initiatives:
1. The first Watson Hackathon carried out in Israel during the DroidCon Event - announced by Dror Pearl, GTU & Cloud Unit Leader, IBM
2. The first Cognitive Computing Accelerator Class (24 Weeks long) which will open for registration on May 25th.  - announced by Shahcar Hefetz, AlphaZone Accelerator Program Manger, IBM

See you there!


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