Monday, August 10, 2015

MoMoTLV August: Apps get in the Car

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We're glad to invite you to a very special event on a one of the hottest themes - Connected Cars. We'll have with us a senior executive from Ford coming from abroad to speak on "Driveable Experiences" and share the new opportunities for app developers in the connected cars space.

When: Monday, Aug.17 @ 18:30
Where: Dublin Irish Pub, Herzliya
What: Apps get in the Car
Price: Free, register at Meetup

The latest version of Ford's SYNC in-vehicle information and entertainment system, SYNC-3, will be shown for the first time in Israel at this event! In addition, Ford will be announcing their first Hackathon in Israel to be held in October.11-12. Details here

Opening Session: The Connected Car Opportunity What is a Driveable Experience? Startups and the Automotive Industry – how we can work together - Scott Lyons, Business & Partner Development, Connected Services,Ford Motor Company

The rest of the agenda, more detail and RSVP - at the event's meetup page


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