Thursday, October 8, 2015

MoMoTLV Oct. Event: Gaming in the Cloud

Sponsored by:

We're glad to invite you to our October event and this time featuring some of Israel's top mobile companies - TabTale, Jelly Button and Funtactix who will share with us stories from the trenches of game development!

When: *Wednesday*, Oct.21 @ 18:00
Where: Kanta, Gan Ha'ir rooftop
What: Gaming in the Cloud
Price: Free, registration required here

We expect to have many international guests this time, and also we'll have mingling and drinks before and after the short talks! Come and unwind after the week with us, and meet your favorite game devs!

Speakers include:

  • Lior Malenboim, Gaming Services Architect, TabTale
  • Liad Livne, BI Manager, Jelly Button Games
  • Yaron Leifenberg, Founder, Funtactix
  • Nir Chinsky, Head of MEA Cloud Platform, Google

The rest of the agenda, more details and RSVP here


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