Sunday, February 21, 2016

MoMoTLV March Event: Accelerating your Startup

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We're glad to invite you to our March event and this time a special event on startups acceleration taking place on a *Wednesday*...

When: *Wednesday*, March.2 @ 18:30
Where: Bascula, Harakevet 72, Tel Aviv
What: Startup Acceleration
Price: Free, RSVP required here

This event will explore the ways in which startups can accelerate their progress - we'll hear from investors, incubators, accelerators and more. IBM will also announce its new class of AlphaZone - and all will be held at a very special venue - the "Bascula" in Tel Aviv - Join us for drinks and interesting sessions! 

More details and registration at the event's Bizzabo page

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MoMoTLV Feb Event: Mobile Backend Strategies

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We're glad to invite you to our February event hosted inside Google! This time the event will be a bit more techy and dive deep into what mobile developers can do these days for their backend/cloud solution, especially that one of the most popular tools (parse) is now gone.

When: Monday, Feb.15 @ 18:30
Where: Google Tel Aviv, Igal Alon 98
What: Mobile Backend Strategies
Price: Free, RSVP required here

Note that the event is not held in Campus Tel Aviv - but rather inside Google's offices at the great "Rega & Dodly" Session Hall.

Agenda and more details at the event's meetup page